This portal is the exclusive method by which a University student may grant a third-party access to his or her records. Information that is protected from disclosure pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), such as grades, financial aid details, and student account/billing information is maintained in a secure online environment. A student may grant permission to a parent or guest to access this information and make payments through this portal.

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Due to the protection of students’ rights under FERPA, a student may restrict the information that a parent or guest is able to access and revoke access at any time. For FERPA updates and more information, please visit: 如何登陆youtube.

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How to grant access to a parent/guest

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Returning to the Parent/Guest Portal

If you wish to access a student’s record through the parent/guest portal after activating your account for the first time, bookmark this page to return to the Parent/Guest Portal site and click "Log In."